Sustainable satellite solutions for precision agriculture and pollution minimization.

Precision Agriculture

Lower costs of fertilizer through Q-Farms state of the art technology

Pollution reduction

Reducing the damaging effects on our pristine environment

Hyper Spectral Imaging

Powerful machine learning algorithms enable data driven decision making

Precision Agriculture

We can make your farm better because we use photos from drones and things like that.

Pollution reduction

Poison is bad for the environment. We can stop you from killing the world. Global warming is real.

Hyper Spectral Imaging

Cameras and drones and stuff

Our team...

James L.

"James is a sexy beast. He makes all the ladies want to buy hyper-spectral imaging"

Logan B.

"Logan is a third year doctoral student at the University of Auckland. His skills include playing computer games and wasting time. 1/10"

Robert O.

"Robert is a bro. He said he would do the PR with no pay"

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